2011 Rose

The Mouvedre clusters that go into this Rose’ were discriminately selected and hand picked several weeks before the rest of the fruit was harvested for our Rhone style Julian blend. The block was planted in 2007 on the south slope of Snipes Mountain.

  • 100% Mouvedre






2010 Inception

The birth of the Washington wine industry commenced at the end of prohibition and the opening of Upland Winery in 1934. At that time, Americans were drinking sweet, port-style wine. Inception is our tribute to the beginning of Washington wine.

  • (Port)
  • $25
  • 19% TINTA CAO




2009 Tempranillo

Planted in 2007 high on the steep, rocky slopes of Snipes Mountain, this Tempranillo is one of seven varieties that comprises our 14 acre “Iberian” block. We have strategically placed the early ripening Spanish variety on the southeast slope of a ravine. This allows us to take full advantage of the gentle morning sun and cool night air, which are the same types of conditions that made Tempranillo known as Spain’s “noble grape.”





2009 The Mayor

William Bridgman, a successful attorney specializing in irrigation law, helped establish an organized system of water rights, providing for bountiful harvests in otherwise arid land. His leadership in these efforts is reflected in the fact that Bridgman was twice elected mayor of Sunnyside. “The Mayor” acknowledges Bridgman’s contribution to the development of the Yakima Valley into productive farm land, including world class vineyards, such as Upland, which he founded and we now proudly cultivate.

  • (Red Table Blend)
  • $25
  • 40% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 28% Merlot
  • 16% Syrah
  • 12% Cabernet Franc
  • 4% Grenache



2009 Julian

Instrumental in crafting Washington’s first table wines, Julian Steenbergen was the cellarmaster and chemist of Upland Winery from 1938 to 1948. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in chemistry and was immediately hired by Upland’s talented and visionary winemaker, Erich Steenborg, to run the winery’s lab. Julian quickly caught on to the winery business and within six months his job description greatly expanded to include cellarmaster. Julian was a key part of Steenborg’s and owner W. B. Bridgman’s uphill battle to produce European style table wines. Education of the public was essential for success as sweet, dessert wines were en vogue. Julian left the winery in 1948 and moved to Yakima to take over the family orchard where he and his wife, Julia, still make their home. They celebrated 100 years of family operation in 2011.

The Syrah, Grenache, and Mouvedre used in this Southern Rhone style blend are all located on the steep, rocky south slopes of Snipes Mountain. The Syrah was planted in 1999, the Grenache in 2000, and the Mouvedre was planted in 2007.

  • (Rhone Blend)
  • $28
  • 60% Syrah
  • 20% Grenache
  • 20% Mouvedre



2008 Teunis  $45

This Bordaeux blend was named after John Alan Newhouse, who was taken from us in a tragic farming accident in 2009.  Uncle John was a vital and integral part of our farming operation and affectionately loved by the entire extended Newhouse family (see back label).  The 2008 Teunis is the first red Bordeaux Blend from the Upland Estate Vineyard.  The Cabernet Sauvignon was taken from our hot 1989 block planting which is situated high up on the south slopes of Snipes Mountain up against towering basalt and cobble walls.  Both the Merlot and the Cabernet Franc were taken from our steep 1988 planting, also on the south slopes of Snipes.  The Malbec was planted in 2001 on a more gentle south slope of Snipes Mountain.  This full bodied red provides lush fruit wrapped around a core of chewy tannins and bold flavors.  The berry fruits lead to sweet perfume, cedar spice and cinnammon with hints of tobacco and herbs.

  • 51% Cabernet Sauvignon planted in 1989
  • 26% Merlot planted in 1988
  • 19% Cabernet Franc planted in 1988
  •   4% Malbec planted in 2001
  • 120 cases produced
  • Aged 23 months
  • 60% Hungarian Oak
  • 40% French Oak
  • Released in June 2011


2009 Old Vine Cabernet  $32

Planted in 1973 on the south slopes of Snipes Mountain by Alfred Newhouse, it was the first red variety planted by the Newhouse’s after they added wine grapes to their list of farming activities.  The fruit from this Cabernet Sauvignon block has the refined but definite tannins that you would expect from old vines.  The wine was aged in new American oak for 23 months.  The 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon showcases dried berry fruits, herbal spice and chocolate caramel.  Its refined tannins are backed by well integrated oak flavors that build around its depth, concentration and full bodied finish.

  • Planted in 1973
  • 96 cases produced
  • 100% American Oak
  • Aged 22 months
  • Released in March 2011 




2009 Malbec  $30

 A year and a half after the 2007 took Best of Show at the Tri-Cities Wine Festival and quickly sold out, the much awaited 2008 has finally been released.  Planted in 2001 on the south slope of Snipes Mountain, our Malbec block has been a model of consistency.  A lesser Bordeaux variety, Malbec requires loads of viticultural attention.  All of the work is done by hand with over 10 passes made over the block throughout the year to ensure maximum fruit quality.  The 2008 Malbec continues to showcase the true character of Terroir from Snipes Mountain.  It is lush and velvety with bright fruit, blueberry and blackberry jam hints of pepper and chocolate Truffle.  Its smoothness developes with integrated oak and its balance is showcased with a lengthy finish.

  • Planted in 2001
  • 93 cases produced
  • 100% French Oak
  • Aged 20 months
  • Released in March 2011 



 2008 Syrah  $28

The second release of the Syrah, it comes from the south slope of Snipes Mountain planted in 1999 and is 100% Syrah.  Expressive of this unique vineyard site it's bouquet is inviting with rich layers of ripe berry, floral notes, spice and vanilla oak.  It is smooth, lush, refined and silky.

  • 8% Grenache
  • Syrah and Grenache Planted in 1999
  • 74 cases produced
  • 100% French Oak
  • Aged 20 months
  • Released in August 2011



2009 Chardonnay  $22

First Upland bottling and released in March of 2011.  Blended with 11% Aligote, this is a true Burgundian style Chardonnay.  It was done in both neutral and new French oak and allowed to sit in the barrel on the lees for 12 months.  Grown on the warmer, rocky south slopes of Snipes Mountain, the Chardonnay was planted in 1988 and the Aligote was planted in 1979.  Used perfectly to compliment each other, the Chardonnay is the backbone and fruit of the wine while the Aligote adds tremendous natural acidity, a practice that has been utilized for centuries in France’s Burgundy region.  The 2009 Upland Estates Chardonnay, was gently whole cluster pressed and barrel fermented to create a delicate floral perfume, with hints of vanilla, almonds and citrus notes.  As a result of lengthy lees contact, the wine is lush with layers of smooth flavors.  Bright, clean acidity is kissed with hints of oak.

  • 89% Chardonnay planted in 1988
  • 11% Aligote planted in 1979
  • Aged 12 months sur lees
  • 33% New French Oak
  • 83 cases produced


2008 Rose'  $14

First Upland bottling and released March of 2011.  The Gamay Noir used in this Rose’ was grown in our certified nursery block which was planted in 1995.  The cooler north slope of Snipes Mountain allows for the full fruit flavor and phenolics that are typical of Gamay to shine through brilliantly.  Destemmed and cold soaked for 24 hours before pressing creates a beautiful ruby hue that dances with complexity within the glass.  Its forward fruit of Strawberry and Cherry are balanced with food friendly acidity and a crisp, dry finish.

  • 100% Gamay Noir from our certified mother block planted in 1995
  • 22 Cases produced
  • Dry



2009 Gewurztraminer  $12

Hand selected and harvested at peak ripeness, gently whole cluster pressed, and tank fermented to provide an off-dry style that enhances the natural fruit flavors of the wine.  It is floral and perfumey with hints of pear, lemon zest, ripe melons, spicy undertones and lychee flavors that are balanced with crisp acidity and a clean, refreshing finish on the palette.  Although among the warmest AVA’s in the state, the north slope of Snipes Mountain is cooler than the south which allows white varieties like Gewürztraminer to reach their full aromatic and flavor potential without getting washed out by intense heat. 

  • Planted in 1995
  • 115 cases produced
  • 1.6% residual sugar
  • Released in January 2010



2009 Sauvignon Blanc  $10

This food-friendly Sauvignon Blanc captures the true elegance of Upland Vineyards.  Barrel fermented in neutral oak barrels and aged sur lees for 7 months the wine is lush up front, loaded with tropical fruit, hints of citrus, lemon grass and fig that is balanced around bright acidity and  a crisp dry finish.  Co-fermented in neutral oak with 9% Semillon from the same block to create a Bordeaux style blend, this fruit-forward wine is made in the softer, Old World style rather than the more veggie, aggressive New World style.  The vines were planted in 1995 on the cooler North slope of Snipes Mountain. 

  • 9% Semillon
  • Planted in 1995
  • 74 cases produced
  • Aged 7 months
  • Released in March 2010




2009 Ampeli Ice  $32

This special wine is the result of patience and dedication and it is a true honor of ours to create a wine from a vine planted in 1917.  Frozen on the vine, this wine was carefully fermented in stainless steel barrels over a period of 4 months, capturing the pure varietal flavors of Muscat.  Aromatically expressive, clean, viscous, creamy, and loaded with flavor like honey lime drops yet its sweetness is balanced, elegant, and rewardingly matched with brilliant acidity.    Planted in 1917 by Washington wine pioneer W. B. Bridgman, they are the oldest cultivated wine grapes in the state.  The front label of the bottle pays tribute to this by depicting an original vine from the same block. 

  • Planted in 1917
  • 90 cases produced
  • Stainless steel
  • 46 Brix at harvest
  • 24.7% residual sugar
  • Released in November 2011
  • Harvested on December 9. 2009
  • Harvest temp:  -13 degrees C  (9 F)